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Parking management tools designed to make parking management easier.

Rethink parking enforcement and visitor management with SecurePark. With the leading parking management tools on the market, we leverage decades of experience and smart technology to provide robust, intuitive, simple-to-use and flexible parking management software at a fraction of our competitors’ cost.

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Securepark App
Bluetooth Printer

Mobile parking management, ticketing, and payments.

Mobile Enforcement App

With SecurePark parking enforcement software, parking patrollers can look up vehicle information, check permits, and issue violations from any Android® device.

Bluetooth®-Enabled Printing

Parking patrollers can print parking violations right from the app using a Bluetooth® printer. You can customize parking payment instructions for parkers, which are printed directly on the ticket.

Easy web-based management

Violations, permits, reporting, user and location management are all available via web browser in the SecurePark parking enforcement software suite. These can be accessed virtually anywhere, at any time. All of your data is stored and transmitted securely.

Mobile payment interface

A custom-branded and mobile-optimized web interface lets parkers pay their violations by credit card in minutes, from anywhere.

Product features

Simple visitor registration and permits.

Keep your parking spaces safe from unauthorized use. Register visitors, issue or rescind permits, and manage your guest, tenant, or monthly parking with SecurePark.

More About Registration

Simple parking management.

Our simple, intuitive web-based dashboard lets you easily manage everything to do with your parking: all the information is at your fingertips at any time.

More about Management

Simple enforcement and payment.

Android® app gives parking patrollers real-time access to necessary information, while our web interface lets parkers pay violations anytime, from anywhere.

More About Enforcement

  • Validation Violations Management
  • Hangtag visitor & permit Management
  • Management Validations Issuance
  • Dispute Dispute Management
  • Collections Collections
  • Reports Reporting
  • Phone Mobile enforcement app

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    “Real time processing gives our parkers the ability to pay their invoices immediately after the violation has been submitted. This has significantly increased our payment compliance, because violators are able to quickly pay using their mobile or desktop browser. It also decreases our labour cost for accepting payments by phone or by mail.”

    - Trevor D., Sales, Project Operations (Commercial Parking)
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    “SecurePark as a handheld application has given our field personnel a really effective real-time processing portal for violation invoices. It gives them the ability to look up previous invoices for a plate for historical information, reducing the need to utilize back office staff to check history, payments, etc. and saving us a lot of labour hours.”

    - Lynda G. (Commercial Parking Operator)
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    “SecurePark has made a big difference for us in maximizing our use of time and resources. The smartphone application is much quicker than having our enforcement staff hand write invoices; instead of having to remember lot details, all the info they need is already keyed into the system. Not only does it make our patrollers more efficient, it also saves countless hours of data entry for admin personnel, and saves us a lot of money in the process.”

    - Les B., Director (Commercial Parking Operator)

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    “We were amazed at how easy it is to download, log in and start using the app right away. We only needed to give some of our employees a few minutes of training before getting started, and they had no issues with using this product in the field immediately.”

    - Andrew S., Operations Manager (Commercial Parking Operator)