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2 Common Parking Problems (and Solutions) for Colleges and Universities

Posted by Richard Popowich
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9203048_c7ea7298ce_o.pngCollege and university parking is one of the most complex parking scenarios in existence. Everyone needs parking at a college or a university: students, professors, staff, visiting parents and prospective students, the crowds for a football game...

The bad news is that colleges and universities have a lot of parking problems... and often have limited funds with which to solve them. The good news is that, increasingly, there are low-cost, low-effort solutions to these problems that can actually increase efficiencies and streamline the facilities processes.

Let's have a look at some of the most common college and university parking problems and their solutions.

Problem 1: Multi-Use Parking Lots and User Confusion

Most colleges and universities have multiple parking lots, each of which is designated for a specific class of parkers: students, faculty/staff, visitors, etc. But unless you have physical gates to all these lots with touchcards or tickets, you're bound to have people parking in the wrong lot on a daily basis. (And even if you do have physical gates for some of your parking lots, your visitor lot may be open.)

In this case, your primary goal is likely compliance with your parking rules - on a long-term basis. (That is, making sure that people don't repeatedly violate the rules.)

The solution? We would recommend a combination of a robust visitor management tool and an enforcement tool that are integrated with each other, so you can easily write and track violation invoices (aka parking tickets) and collect on those invoices, as well as tracking repeat violators. Our visitor management tool can also integrate with, or replace, your current permit management software. And to make things even more efficient, we'll soon be releasing an inexpensive license plate recognition (LPR) tool that can be handheld or vehicle-mounted, to make enforcement fast and easy.

Problem 2: Overflowing Parking Lots on Game Day

If your college or university has a beloved sports team, you'll be familiar with the game-day parking nightmare... which becomes even more nightmarish if your team loses and tempers are high.

Even if everyone is just happy to be there, overflowing parking lots can be a problem on game day, especially if classes are still running or there are other events happening as well.

The solution? This is a perfect opportunity to start charging for parking only on game days, and premium-pricing certain lots. Our visitor management tool allows you to set specific hours or days for paid parking, even if parking is normally free in those lots; parkers can pay directly on their devices using our app. You can even charge different prices for different parking lots, so that the lots closest to the stadium or arena are the most expensive. It's a good way to make some incremental revenue to support the important work that your school does.

Do either of these problems sound all-too-familiar? Or do you have a different parking problem that you're hoping to solve? Watch the videos to see how SecurePark works, or get in touch anytime and we'd be happy to help.

(image: Paul Frankenstein/Flickr)

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