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Dylan Sharp

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Commercial property managers: visitor parking management can make your facilities more secure. Here's How.

Posted by Dylan Sharp

If you’re a commercial property manager, you’ll likely be familiar with parking problems – as well as some of the available solutions. A large proportion of commercial properties, however, don’t currently utilize a visitor management parking solution. Here are three reasons why it’s better to implement something sooner rather than later, for the sake of security.

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Topics: parking management, securepark visitor management, commercial parking

3 Reasons To Manage Your Free Parking, Even If You Don't Think You Need To

Posted by Dylan Sharp

There are a lot of misconceptions about the role of free parking for homeowners' associations (and other organizations as well!), but the biggest one is always: "why should we actively manage our free parking, if it's free to use and we can't make money from violation fees?"

As it turns out, there are some excellent reasons to manage your free parking: reasons have nothing to do with revenue but rather with compliance.

And even if you have plenty of parking available, more than your residents and visitors could ever need (and if this is you... can we please move to your area?), compliance with your parking rules is still important.

Our customers and users agree - there are several compelling reasons to manage your free parking, even if you don't think you need to.

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Topics: HOA parking, visitor parking, homeowners association, visitor management, securepark visitor management

License Plate Recognition for Airport Parking: A Game-Changer

Posted by Dylan Sharp

If you manage parking at an airport, you'll understand that airport parking can be full of specific headaches. Whether it's free or paid parking, whether the airport is large or small, whether it's a long-term airport parking lot or a kiss-n-ride bay, there are always people who park where they shouldn't, park too long in the short-term parking, etc.

What it all boils down to is compliance. You need people to follow your parking rules. But in order to create compliance, you need to know who is parking badly... and you need to keep track of repeat offenders.

And that's where handheld license plate recognition (LPR) comes in.

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Topics: airport parking managememt, airport parking enforcement, airport parking

Parking for Houses of Worship: Problems and Solutions

Posted by Dylan Sharp

If you attend a house of worship in a city of any size, you know what we mean when we say that parking is at a premium. How many times have you rushed out the door early, maybe with your kids in tow, to make sure you get a spot close to the door? How often have you been anxious about whether or not you'll find a spot at all for Christmas or Rosh Hashanah services?

If you manage facilities for a church, synagogue, mosque, temple or any other house of worship with a large congregation that drives, you'll be familiar with the other side of the coin: you're responsible for managing the chaos that happens on major holy days, and the occasional disagreements in the parking lot between congregants. But it's not just major holidays or weekend services that cause issues - and create opportunities - with your parking resources.

Read on to discover some solutions to your house of worship's parking woes - and a few revenue generation opportunities as well.

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Topics: parking enforcement, parking management, church parking, synagogue parking, mosque parking, temple parking, securepark enforcement, securepark visitor management

The 5 Biggest Parking Headaches For Any HOA

Posted by Dylan Sharp

If you live in an HOA, or you manage any kind of space on behalf of an HOA, you know that parking is one of the most intractable problems facing any homeowners' association. HOA parking can be a major driver of conflict between residents, within management, and even between the HOA and the city.

The thing is: it doesn't have to be that way. Read on to discover the 5 biggest parking headaches faced by most HOAs - and how you can improve each and every one of them.

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Topics: parking enforcement, HOA parking, hoa parking enforcement

Your 3 Worst Multifamily Residential Parking Problems, Solved.

Posted by Dylan Sharp

  • How many times have you come home to find your assigned parking spot taken?
  • Are most of the visitor parking spots in your parking lot taken by the same cars, day after day?
  • Do you find yourself writing down the license plate numbers or problematic parkers to show your superintendent or property manager? (Does it work?)
  • Or do you have very little visitor parking available... so visitors take your spot?

Truthfully, if we had a dollar for every story we'd heard like this... well, we'd be vacationing in the Bahamas most of the time.

The fact is: parking problems are difficult, stressful and drive everyone crazy. And they affect anyone who has a car and lives in a multifamily residential complex: whether you drive a Ford or a Maserati, you've experienced the utter frustration of having someone else park in your spot, or not being able to find visitor parking because someone keeps taking the best parking spots.

Let us tell you a few little stories: the names have been changed, the situations are real. If you recognize yourself - or your building - it might be time to give us a call, or ask your property manager to look into our system

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Topics: condo parking, parking enforcement, HOA parking, visitor parking, multifamily parking, homeowners association, hoa parking enforcement

When Can You Tow in Florida? (And What Can You Do Instead?)

Posted by Dylan Sharp

If you manage parking for a business, a condo association or a homeowners' association in Florida - or even if you manage boat parking at a marina! - you're probably wondering when you're allowed to tow away a car or a watercraft in violation of your parking rules.

To tow or not to tow in Florida: let's answer the question!

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Topics: florida hoa, florida parking rules, florida, florida parking

Effective Solutions to 2 of a Hotel's Most Pressing Parking Problems

Posted by Dylan Sharp

If you manage parking for a hotel, we don't have to tell you how difficult it can be to deal with all of the many parking issues that come up.

The good news is that we've got some easy and effective solutions to two of the most common, and most pressing, parking problems that hotels face: high-demand, low-supply parking and parking for special events. Read on to learn more.

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Topics: parking enforcement, parking management, hotels, hotel parking, hotel parking management

For hotels, parking is a precious resource. Here's why.

Posted by Dylan Sharp

Let's say you're going on vacation, and you're looking at your hotel options. You're going on a roadtrip, or you're renting a car at your destination so you can explore.

This hotel has a better rate! This hotel offers a room with a view! This one has a pool. But this one has free parking. Or flat-rate parking, in the heart of a large metropolis. Or underground heated parking, in winter, in Michigan. 

Now let's say you're a hotel manager. What kind of parking experience will you want to offer guests? The fact is that parking - or lack thereof - is a factor in how guests choose a hotel.

There are many reasons why hotel managers should care about managing their parking resources properly. Read on to learn about just a few.

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Topics: parking management, hotels, hotel parking, hotel parking management

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