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License Plate Recognition: Simple, Inexpensive, and Accessible (Finally)

Posted by Ryan Miyagishima

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The concept of License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology seems simple enough. Use a camera, scan a plate, and utilize the information for better parking management and security. Surely, in today's world of booming technology, there must be a way to utilize LPR for the little guy - to help make life easier for property managers, security companies, or owners of small-scale parking resources... right?

Sadly, if you've done any digging, you've likely found that most LPR available is prohibitively expensive, requiring heavy investment into physical equipment, software, and operational costs. Basically, you didn't have access to this technology unless you were doing big-ticket business with it.

That is - you guessed it - until now.

Over the past several years, smart devices have been getting smaller and more compact - and also more powerful. The same thing has happened with License Plate Recognition and the software that runs it. Even just a year ago, it cost tens of thousands of dollars to set up and operate an LPR system. The cameras, the software, the need for multiple stationary mounts, the processing - it gets out of hand, and quickly. Some operations currently enforce parking with dedicated vehicles carrying six or more specialty cameras.

SecurePark was created to be scalable, in both directions, with special attention paid to the area of the market that wasn’t previously looked after: the aforementioned “little guy”.

Now, SecurePark’s Handheld LPR add-on follows that same principle. Rather than specially outfitting a vehicle in high-tech cameras and sensors, here’s all you need to utilize SecurePark’s LPR tool:

  • An Android device that has a camera (like, say, that smartphone in your pocket)
  • A subscription to SecurePark Enforcement

That's it.

So why should you use handheld LPR? Quite simply: it makes the life of you and your employees easier, by making your business more efficient. Instead of manually typing license plate numbers into a database - or worse, keeping track using paper and pencil - you can use a handheld smartphone or tablet to easily read license plates, record and store data, and get control of your parking facilities.

SecurePark's Handheld LPR also helps by:

  • Significantly reducing enforcement time, allowing you to increase your patrol effectiveness or reduce staff requirements
  • Storing license plate photos, matched with date/time-stamps and GPS coordinates, aiding in the resolution of violation disputes and helping you optimize your patrollers
  • Introducing digital 'tire-chalking', which dramatically improves the efficiency (and flexibility) of enforcment on time-limit lots

We're in beta testing today, and will be rolling it out to the world in the next few weeks. Want more information? Click the button below, tell us a little bit about your operations (and any questions you have about how LPR can help you), and our team will get back to you right away!


 (Photo: Wade Brooks/Flickr)

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