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Security companies: save your clients time and money while creating new revenue for yourself

Posted by Ryan Miyagishima

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If you’re in the security business, many of your clients will have one thing in common: parking problems. Parking and security go hand-in-hand, yet most security providers won’t take on the full responsibility. Why?

Traditionally, enforcing parking means major capital expenditure – meters, databases, expensive/clunky handheld devices, time to train your patrollers.

There are already plenty of parking operators who do all of this. Why would you try to compete?

The answer is simple: because that’s what your clients want.

If you're a security firm, you know that your clients want all of their services in a nice, neat bundle. Hiring a parking operator on top of a security provider? That means more work.

  • Double the shopping: Researching parking management providers is a dizzying experience, trying to sort through parking operators, parking software, and even actual parking. You already know how big the security world is, and how much of an effort sorting through all of the options can be.
  • Double the management: Two resources instead of one? Your client now must spend extra time monitoring performance, and if something ever goes wrong, there are now two separate points of contact that they’ll have to coordinate to get things right – and two potential sources of liability to worry about.
  • Double the billing: Having two line-items to deal with on every monthly invoice means extra accounting resources, transaction fees, and financial evaluation – none of which your clients want to deal with.

It seems simple, but how can you fill this gap? If you aren’t already set-up with a way to manage parking, a quick dive into the top providers will show you one thing: it’s quite expensive to get things rolling.

As a security provider, it’s unlikely that all of your clients will come to you for parking management at once, proving that you have a large market in front of you. It’s more likely that you’ve been asked, here or there, if you can take care of this lot or that parkade. You may not even get asked at all, although that doesn't mean your clients don't have parking that needs management.

Until SecurePark entered the market, very few companies have provided parking software products that are reverse-scalable, for small parking lots or small amounts of street parking. Most parking software products require a large, up-front capital expenditure and a huge ongoing software cost. These parking management products usually require on-site servers, specific equipment that’s prohibitively expensive and difficult for an individual or small team to manage, and a long and costly commitment. To justify the investment, you’d have to be operating thousands and thousands of stalls.

That’s why we made SecurePark. We wanted to provide a parking software solution that fits the needs of small business owners, managers of multifamily residential buildings, and security operators that are tired of saying “No”, when they’re asked about providing parking control.

So then, what if the next time a client asked, “Can you handle our parking problems as well?”, you could answer with an emphatic “Yes!”?

What if you could add cost-effective, uncomplicated parking enforcement to your primary services overnight, with minimal (or perhaps zero) capital expenditure?

Reach out to us to learn more about how you can turn your security company into a mini-parking-operator, or watch the demo videos below to see SecurePark in action.


 (Photo: Benson Kua/Flickr)

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