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License Plate Recognition for Airport Parking: A Game-Changer

Posted by Dylan Sharp

If you manage parking at an airport, you'll understand that airport parking can be full of specific headaches. Whether it's free or paid parking, whether the airport is large or small, whether it's a long-term airport parking lot or a kiss-n-ride bay, there are always people who park where they shouldn't, park too long in the short-term parking, etc.

What it all boils down to is compliance. You need people to follow your parking rules. But in order to create compliance, you need to know who is parking badly... and you need to keep track of repeat offenders.

And that's where handheld license plate recognition (LPR) comes in.

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Topics: airport parking managememt, airport parking enforcement, airport parking

3 Important Parking Enforcement Best Practices for Regional Airports

Posted by John White

Air travel isn’t just about taking an aircraft from Point A to Point B: first, you have to get to or from the airport. And usually, especially for a regional airport, that means parking at the airport, whether to catch your own plane or to pick up someone who’s visiting you.

Parking at the airport can be either a trial or a dream, as can managing airport parking areas – and as an airport parking manager, you know the difference. But did you know that airport parking can provide a significant source of incremental revenue, even if you’re providing free parking?

Our team has decades of experience in parking operations management, and we’re here with some best practices for parking enforcement at regional airports, based on our clients’ and colleagues’ own experiences, along with our expertise in emerging parking technologies. Read on to find out how you can optimize your airport parking best practices – and your parking revenue stream.

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Topics: airport parking managememt, airport parking enforcement, airport parking

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