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Can California's HOAs enforce their parking rules on private streets?

Posted by John White

What defines a public street in California? It’s open to the public and publicly maintained. Private streets, on the other hand, are privately maintained (by a homeowners' association or otherwise) and may be gated or otherwise blocked from public use. 

Legally, it’s much easier to enforce your parking rules on private streets than public. Fortunately for your HOA, some or all of the roads in your development are likely private, meaning they are owned and maintained by the association and not open for public use. Your HOA may regulate parking for members and non-members alike on these streets. 

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Why You Need To Manage Your Visitor Parking – And How To Do It Properly

Posted by John White

Visitor parking is an essential resource for the people who visit your residents or tenants. If this parking resource is not managed or is mismanaged, it will not provide the benefits you intended it to provide and will cause unnecessary frustration to both you, as a community or property manager, as well as residents and visitors to your property.

There are two primary reasons to manage your visitor parking properly: the resource argument, and the security argument. Although the relative priority of each of these reasons may be different depending on what kind of property you’re managing, both of these reasons are valid, and both of them are important.

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Parking Enforcement Tools: 3 Ways to Get Ready To Use Them

Posted by John White

So, you have parking resources to manage. You have a parking lot, or more than one parking lot, or you have more than one parking location. Or maybe you’re the head of a homeowners’ association and you want to manage your street parking in a way that makes everyone happy (or at least satisfied).

Either way, you have parking resources. And unless you’re already controlling that space, you probably have a parking problem. People park in your stalls who shouldn’t; people stay longer in your parking spots than they’re supposed to. You need a way to control who parks and who doesn’t… and, potentially, who gets a violation notice and a fine for parking where they aren’t supposed to park.

Hopefully, if you’re reading this, you’re starting the process of figuring out how to control your parking resources. Before you purchase a parking enforcement system, though, you should make sure you know exactly what you need. Here are three things to keep in mind.

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