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Digital Tire Chalking: Using LPR technology to take the (literal) chalk out of the equation

Posted by Ryan Miyagishima

Have you ever seen someone lean over, next to a vehicle, and mark one of the tires with something? If so, that 'something' is probably chalk, and that person is probably a parking patroller, trying to enforce a time limit for that parking space.

It's a solid-enough method, effective in some scenarios, but has its downsides. Luckily, as with many things that fit that description, new technology is available to rid the process of those downsides.

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Topics: tire-chalking, lpr, license plate recognition, securepark enforcement

Day 1 with SecurePark: Meet Laura!

Posted by Laura Kuschmierz

Hey there, readers! I’m Laura, the team lead of Customer Success at SecurePark. You may have seen my face pop up at the bottom of your screen offering to help - feel free to ask questions! My team and I will be there to help. 

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Topics: securepark enforcement, customer success

2 Common Parking Problems (and Solutions) for Colleges and Universities

Posted by Richard Popowich

College and university parking is one of the most complex parking scenarios in existence. Everyone needs parking at a college or a university: students, professors, staff, visiting parents and prospective students, the crowds for a football game...

The bad news is that colleges and universities have a lot of parking problems... and often have limited funds with which to solve them. The good news is that, increasingly, there are low-cost, low-effort solutions to these problems that can actually increase efficiencies and streamline the facilities processes.

Let's have a look at some of the most common college and university parking problems and their solutions.

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Topics: university parking, higher education, visitor management, securepark enforcement, securepark visitor management, license plate recognition

Parking for Houses of Worship: Problems and Solutions

Posted by Dylan Sharp

If you attend a house of worship in a city of any size, you know what we mean when we say that parking is at a premium. How many times have you rushed out the door early, maybe with your kids in tow, to make sure you get a spot close to the door? How often have you been anxious about whether or not you'll find a spot at all for Christmas or Rosh Hashanah services?

If you manage facilities for a church, synagogue, mosque, temple or any other house of worship with a large congregation that drives, you'll be familiar with the other side of the coin: you're responsible for managing the chaos that happens on major holy days, and the occasional disagreements in the parking lot between congregants. But it's not just major holidays or weekend services that cause issues - and create opportunities - with your parking resources.

Read on to discover some solutions to your house of worship's parking woes - and a few revenue generation opportunities as well.

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Topics: church parking, synagogue parking, mosque parking, temple parking, parking management, parking enforcement, securepark visitor management, securepark enforcement

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