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Why Security Companies Need License Plate Recognition Technology

Posted by Richard Popowich
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If you're a manager in a security firm, you know that in order to keep a facility secure, you need to know at all times who's on the premises.

And you also know that, for large facilities, it can become impossible to keep tabs on absolutely everything, especially when you're tasked with managing large or multi-site parking resources.

You're probably familiar with License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, which can help with managing large volume parking control or substantive traffic flow challenges ... but which have, up until now, been prohibitively expensive, in hard equipment, software and operational costs.

The good news is that inexpensive Handheld License Plate Recognition technology is now available to security companies of all sizes. Read on to find out more.

Over the past several years, smart devices have been getting smaller and more compact - and also more powerful. The same thing has happened with License Plate Recognition and the software that runs it. Even just a year ago, it cost tens of thousands of dollars to set up and operate an LPR system: the cameras, the software, the need for multiple stationary mounts, the processing, etc. Some operations currently enforce parking with dedicated vehicles carrying six or more specialty cameras.

And now, LPR is available for handheld devices at a fraction of that cost.

So why should you use handheld LPR? Quite simply: it makes your life easier and your business more efficient. Instead of manually typing license plate numbers into a database - or worse, keeping track using paper and pencil - you can use a handheld smartphone or tablet to easily read license plates, record and store data, and get control of your parking facilities. With SecurePark's Handheld LPR solution, you can integrate the data with one of several existing parking management systems, improving your patrolling and monitoring processes. 

Security companies are currently using Handheld LPR systems in these ways, along with many more:

  • Monitoring parking lots for homeowners' associations (HOAs) and apartment buildings
  • Controlling visitor or guest parking privileges
  • Managing and enforcing parking rules at institutions such as hospitals, colleges and universities, and airports
  • Processing of parking privileges for secure sites

Ready to learn more? Get in touch and we're happy to walk you through it.


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