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Explore how SecurePark solutions can help you.

Every organization shares the common goals of creating efficiencies, reducing costs, increasing revenue and providing superior customer service. Here’s how SecurePark can help you achieve success in all of these areas.

Parking Operators

Our cloud-based solutions are designed to help parking facility operators drive new revenue, secure new projects and stand out amongst their competitors. These customers typically own and/or manage a portfolio of parking locations independently, or for customers. Parking locations may include lots, parkades, metered street parking, public and private garages or car parks. SecurePark solutions create greater efficiencies for management and enforcement, while reducing costs and improving the overall parker experience.

Property Management

SecurePark offers a suite of solutions to help property managers streamline parking across commercial, industrial, residential and retail locations. These customers typically own and/or manage a portfolio of properties independently, or for customers. SecurePark’s solutions are designed to facilitate an improved tenant and visitor parking experience, with more security for the property owners, tenants and visitors and provide opportunity for the property managers to self manage and operate without a parking management provider.

Security & Patrol

These companies provide security protection services to various customers. SecurePark adds value to security protection companies through solutions that improve parking enforcement and visitor management. Our SaaS solutions enhance the competitive advantage of these companies by allowing them to easily deliver parking enforcement and enhanced security services without a significant software investment.


Our parking management tools provide key data insights to facilitate urban planning and traffic-related decisions to better serve communities. Leveraging the latest smart technologies, SecurePark can interface with Smart City systems to provide real-time monitoring and parking usage data. It also provides actionable data to help cities better enforce parking regulations, while creating more equitable use of shared resources like parking spaces.


Parking is a major source of revenue for public transportation hubs including train stations and bus terminals. SecurePark helps to improve the traffic and parking experience for travellers, employees and visitors. Our parking management software easily interfaces with external parking platforms in these locations to provide parking guidance, availability, frictionless payments, better enforcement and traffic management to support travellers and minimize security risks.

Educational Institutions

SecurePark offers integrated payment and access control solutions for more effective parking management, tighter security and greater parking compliance on campus. Universities, colleges and schools use SecurePark because it easily interfaces with external permit systems for faculty and students as well as all types of parking equipment, meters and access control. Our cloud-based software promises a friction-less parking experience, with the added benefit of tap-n-go payment and parking guidance before arriving on campus.

Health Care

Organizations in the health care industry manage parking for medical staff, patients and visitors. Many facilities are required to address traffic challenges related to emergency-patient loading zones and simplifying the issuance of visitor parking passes. SecurePark offers tailored solutions to facilitate traffic in red zones, monitor and enforce permissions in drop-off zones, improve parking guidance for visitors and create designated areas for medical staff.


With thousands of travellers, staff members and visitors entering airports on a daily basis, it’s essential to have the right systems in place. SecurePark’s solutions are designed to facilitate an improved parking experience, with enhanced security and contactless features for added safety. Our integrated payment and access control solutions also allow officers to easily collect payments, grant access to authorized vehicles and allocate both short-term and long-term parking resources.