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Digital Tire Chalking: Using LPR technology to take the (literal) chalk out of the equation

Posted by Ryan Miyagishima

Have you ever seen someone lean over, next to a vehicle, and mark one of the tires with something? If so, that 'something' is probably chalk, and that person is probably a parking patroller, trying to enforce a time limit for that parking space.

It's a solid-enough method, effective in some scenarios, but has its downsides. Luckily, as with many things that fit that description, new technology is available to rid the process of those downsides.

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Topics: securepark enforcement, lpr, license plate recognition, tire-chalking

License Plate Recognition: Simple, Inexpensive, and Accessible (Finally)

Posted by Ryan Miyagishima

The concept of License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology seems simple enough. Use a camera, scan a plate, and utilize the information for better parking management and security. Surely, in today's world of booming technology, there must be a way to utilize LPR for the little guy - to help make life easier for property managers, security companies, or owners of small-scale parking resources... right?

Sadly, if you've done any digging, you've likely found that most LPR available is prohibitively expensive, requiring heavy investment into physical equipment, software, and operational costs. Basically, you didn't have access to this technology unless you were doing big-ticket business with it.

That is - you guessed it - until now.

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Topics: lpr, license plate recognition, tire-chalking

Most of your security clients have parking problems, too (and you can solve them)

Posted by Ryan Miyagishima

Working in the parking world, we know that security companies have many clients with parking management problems. Yet, when we first speak with them, some will respond with “I’ve never been asked about parking, so there isn’t a need there.

We're here to tell you: there is.

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Topics: security companies

Security companies: save your clients time and money while creating new revenue for yourself

Posted by Ryan Miyagishima

If you’re in the security business, many of your clients will have one thing in common: parking problems. Parking and security go hand-in-hand, yet most security providers won’t take on the full responsibility. Why?

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Topics: security companies

Are you happy with your parking management setup?

Posted by Ryan Miyagishima

We're not really in the parking technology business - we're in the parking solution business.

Today's parking landscape is always changing, and the more we know, the better we can create those solutions. We'd be thrilled if you filled out the quick, four-question survey below, so we can help serve you better! 

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Topics: parking management, customer success

Four reasons why managing your free parking (properly) is crucial to revenue

Posted by Ryan Miyagishima

At first blush, free parking doesn't sound like something you should spend time or money on, as a property manager or business owner. After all, there isn't a direct revnue stream from it, so why does it matter?

Well, "direct" is the key word here, because when it comes to managing parking at a business, deficiencies might not show up on the surface of the balance sheet... but they could sink it altogether.

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Topics: visitor parking, retail parking, visitor management, securepark visitor management, commercial parking, free parking

Commercial property managers: visitor parking management can make your facilities more secure. Here's How.

Posted by Dylan Sharp

If you’re a commercial property manager, you’ll likely be familiar with parking problems – as well as some of the available solutions. A large proportion of commercial properties, however, don’t currently utilize a visitor management parking solution. Here are three reasons why it’s better to implement something sooner rather than later, for the sake of security.

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Topics: parking management, securepark visitor management, commercial parking

Why Security Companies Need License Plate Recognition Technology

Posted by Richard Popowich

If you're a manager in a security firm, you know that in order to keep a facility secure, you need to know at all times who's on the premises.

And you also know that, for large facilities, it can become impossible to keep tabs on absolutely everything, especially when you're tasked with managing large or multi-site parking resources.

You're probably familiar with License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, which can help with managing large volume parking control or substantive traffic flow challenges ... but which have, up until now, been prohibitively expensive, in hard equipment, software and operational costs.

The good news is that inexpensive Handheld License Plate Recognition technology is now available to security companies of all sizes. Read on to find out more.

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Topics: lpr, license plate recognition

Day 1 with SecurePark: Meet Laura!

Posted by Laura Kuschmierz

Hey there, readers! I’m Laura, the team lead of Customer Success at SecurePark. You may have seen my face pop up at the bottom of your screen offering to help - feel free to ask questions! My team and I will be there to help. 

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Topics: securepark enforcement, customer success

2 Common Parking Problems (and Solutions) for Colleges and Universities

Posted by Richard Popowich

College and university parking is one of the most complex parking scenarios in existence. Everyone needs parking at a college or a university: students, professors, staff, visiting parents and prospective students, the crowds for a football game...

The bad news is that colleges and universities have a lot of parking problems... and often have limited funds with which to solve them. The good news is that, increasingly, there are low-cost, low-effort solutions to these problems that can actually increase efficiencies and streamline the facilities processes.

Let's have a look at some of the most common college and university parking problems and their solutions.

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Topics: visitor management, securepark enforcement, securepark visitor management, license plate recognition, higher education, university parking

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