The Latest In Parking News: March 2021

March 24, 2021
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A cloud-based parking platform presents endless possibilities when it comes to improving your parking strategy and addressing daily parking challenges. This month, there’s been a number of parking-related concerns in the news, and we can’t help but highlight how the advent of parking software can easily resolve many of these issues.


Motorists owe the city close to $1M in parking fines

It’s estimated that there are nearly $1 million in unpaid parking tickets floating around Moose Jaw, allegedly dating to June 2011. This growing concern is something that the municipality is searching for answers to, in hopes of increasing compliance and improving payment collection.


Police recover $4.5M worth of stolen high-end vehicles after busting high-tech GTA car theft ring

On Tuesday, police executed eight search warrants across the GTA and in Brossard, Quebec following a two-month-long investigation for high-end vehicle break-ins and theft across the city. 

The suspects broke into the vehicles and reprogrammed the software to recognize a new key or fob, allowing them to be stolen without triggering its alarm. 


Nurses told of years-long wait to get parking at Kelowna hospital

In British Columbia, nurses at Kelowna General Hospital are being told that there’s a nine-year waitlist for an employee parking spot. Currently, staff members are being forced to walk off the property for as many as six blocks to find parking near the hospital. 

For many of these unique situations, a cloud-based parking platform like SecurePark has the potential to support parking operators by increasing compliance, improving payment collection, enhancing security and maximizing parking resources within any municipality or organization. 

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