SecurePark Platform

Our Platform

SecurePark's cloud-based platform is designed to make parking management easier.


At SecurePark, our software-as-a-service platform is powered by smart technology to optimize and simplify the parking management experience. Our Web and Mobile applications offer an affordable and scalable solution that gives organizations the flexibility to choose their parking features and hardware, with no long-term commitment. Hosted by Microsoft Azure, our cloud-based platform gives us the ability to deliver seamless experience from start to finish.

Enforcement Mobile App

Ticket Issuance

SecurePark enables on-the-spot eTicketing, granting users the ability to perform off-street and on-street parking, instantly issue tickets with custom layouts and print photos of vehicles in violation. Our platform functions in offline areas like underground parking facilities and easily integrates with mobile Bluetooth printers, such as Bixolon and Zebra, so that users can always enforce with accuracy and speed. This feature also helps to identify repeat offenders, vehicles with a history of unpaid violations, and enables users to reprint previously-issued tickets. SecurePark also enables users to verify if vehicles are authorized and registered to park, in free or paid active sessions or have a parking permit for a particular spot.

Digital Tire Chalking

Using handheld license plate recognition, our advanced digital tire chalking feature is a more efficient alternative to the traditional manual method of enforcement. Enforcement officers are able to simply scan a license plate, create an active session with a time limit and record vehicle data to share with all system users. SecurePark also facilitates offline digital tire chalking when users are unable to connect to WiFi, which allows them to manually input of plate numbers until a connection is available. This feature allows administrators to set timing rules remotely, which minimizes guesswork from enforcement officers and improves overall accuracy.

License Plate Recognition

SecurePark's handheld, fixed and vehicle-mounted LPR features allow enforcement officers to constructively manage their parking resources, rapidly scan and verify license plates and perform multiple enforcement tasks. These features make it possible for users to enforce larger areas faster with greater accuracy and oversight. Our LPR features support organizations by making it easier for users to collect relevant data, instantly store it into the system and capture photos to minimize parking disputes. It can also read various styles of license plates, function in incremental weather and angled positions and allow users to edit and confirm plates that are misread. With three different LPR features to choose from, we give organizations the flexibility to select the tool that aligns with their specific parking needs and budget.

Vehicle Inventory

Our parking platform provides clear insight into how a parking facility is being used. Users have access to parking volume, duration and usage analytics based on a particular date and time in both open and closed locations. This feature allows users to identify frequent parkers and authorized permit holders to better understand who is accessing their parking facility and how it’s used on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. For more accuracy, our fixed LPR feature can scan license plates upon entry and exit in real time, giving users a better picture of vehicle inventory within their facility.

Management Web App

Violations Management

SecurePark enables complete management of the violation lifecycle, allowing enforcement officers to issue violation notices, collect payments and synchronize data more effectively. This feature is designed to make violation management easier by organizing the process into status categories such as collections, letters, appeals, paid violations and voids. This simplifies the process for users and easily integrates with an online PCI-compliant payment portal that supports full and/or partial payment management, billing statements and financial reporting. Users can also track repeat offenders, set overdue payment fees, review photos and comments and provide audit history on vehicles. Our advanced violation management feature combines all of the benefits of our standard feature and automates the ability to integrate with DMV systems, track appeals and disputes, generate custom notice letters and enable escalation and late fees on overdue violations.

Permit Management

Our platform provides the tools to efficiently generate digital permits, authorize and identify permit holders upon entry and accept payment. By eliminating the need for physical permits, this feature is an environmentally friendly tool that automates instant access for permit holders, while increasing overall compliance and security. Our advanced permit management feature offers users the added benefit of assigning permit durations and types, as well as instantly processing permit approvals, renewals, waitlists and notifications. It also interfaces with external business systems to enable invoicing, track financials and synchronize accounting. For parking operators in particular, this advanced feature supports permit authorization for corporate vehicles and fleet trucks to streamline delivery and pick-up at residential and co

Visitor Management

SecurePark’s visitor management feature operates through our cloud-based Web application, allowing operators to manage their parking facility and understand how parking resources are being used. This feature easily integrates with external platforms such as on-site kiosks and secure PCI-compliant payment systems, giving visitors the ability to self-serve in a convenient and contactless way. It also categorizes license plates to immediately identify “allow” and “deny” lists and enables users to enforce custom parking rules including time, frequency and access restrictions. With our advanced visitor management feature, users can further enforce time-limited free parking, increase paid parking capabilities and utilize our invoicing and accounting functions.

Mobile Payment + Meters

SecurePark is designed to interface with external parking meters, online parking registration services and mobile payment apps to easily record payments for violations, permits and parking reservations. SecurePark allows parking operators to install various payment options, including contactless payments from mobile devices, to increase the likelihood of compliance. This feature increases enforcement efficiency by allowing officers to easily identify which vehicles have paid, while providing better oversight to track revenue from various sources.

Analytics & Reporting

SecurePark aggregates valuable data from parking facilities to enable strategic decision-making by administrators to improve operational efficiency and increase revenue. This feature delivers parking operators greater insight on plate activity, parking behaviour as well as violation and parking duration data. They can also track, monitor and evaluate enforcement performance in real-time to clearly identify the productivity of their enforcement team and compliance of a particular lot.