Ramp Up Security With Innovative Parking Features

March 1, 2021
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Dark, unattended parking lots and garages provide many opportunities for breaking and entering, vehicle theft and vandalism. Not having the necessary security measures in place can compromise safety and create huge liability risks for any facility. With many operators following the trend of reducing their on-site presence, the need for smart parking features becomes even more essential to enforce and uphold security. Today’s innovative parking technology automates this entire process so that security and safety are always a priority.

Know exactly who’s coming in and out your lot

Having clear oversight of which vehicles are entering your lot is a necessary layer of security for any organization. Entrance gates and permit-only access points allow parking operators to clearly identify who is on their property and gives them the ability to grant access to each individual vehicle. Using a fixed License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera, operators can easily scan vehicles as they approach an entrance gate and detect whether or not they have a permit to enter. This is an excellent way to deter any unauthorized vehicles, while ensuring the people entering your lot are certainly allowed to be there. 

Provide ongoing communication and support to parkers

Communication is key, that’s why having multiple communication touchpoints for both parkers and operators is essential. Not only does it improve the everyday parking experience, but in case of an emergency, it’s highly useful for providing live on-site assistance and connecting directly with security officers. Features such as emergency buttons and audio response are incredibly helpful when parkers need immediate support or have questions.

Understand what’s happening in your lot at all times

Parking technology provides operators a dashboard of key analytics to give you a clear picture of everything that’s happening in a given lot. Upon entering a lot, fixed LPR technology can instantly capture a vehicle’s license plate, recording all necessary data for future reference. In the case of an incident, operators can refer to this data to understand which vehicles were in a lot at a particular time and how long they remained there to reach a resolution.

At SecurePark, our cloud-based parking platform helps organizations address a number of security concerns to achieve safety for all visitors, officers and residents.

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