3 Benefits of a Gated Parking System

June 14, 2021
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From healthcare centres and corporate buildings to school campuses and residential properties, a gated parking system presents a number of benefits for parking operators. Gated parking is one of the most effective ways to optimize payment compliance in your facility, prevent unauthorized vehicles from using your resources as well as enhance the safety of residents, staff and visitors on your property. Here are some of the ways organizations of all sizes can benefit from implementing a gated parking system within their respective facility. 


It encourages greater parking compliance

A gated parking system is one way to ensure parkers are following parking regulations at all times. It enables parking operators to clearly identify who is requesting access into the lot and automatically grants or denies access to those parkers. Thanks to smart technology, a payment feature can also be added within a gated parking system to ensure parkers provide payment before leaving the facility. For example, in a residential building, you will often see designated parking for tenants only. In these types of parking facilities, a gated system allows operators to increase payment compliance as well as promote more equitable use of parking resources by giving access to only registered tenants who have paid for a permit. 

It enhances safety and security 

Having clear oversight of the vehicles coming in and out of your facility is a necessary layer of security for any organization. A gated parking system is one step operators can take to clearly identify the vehicles that have entered their property and permit access only to authorized vehicles. By adding a fixed License Plate Recognition camera, the gated system is able to easily scan the license plate of vehicles as they approach the gate to detect whether or not they are authorized to enter. Not only is this a great way to deter unauthorized vehicles, but it gives operators more control over the safety and security of a property by ensuring that everyone in the facility has obtained a permit or prepaid parking reservation and is permitted to be there. 

It boosts revenue growth 

Gated parking technology, in many applications, is a great way to grow revenue, while ensuring that parkers are complying with payment rules. Essentially, a gated parking system will not allow a vehicle to leave the facility unless the owner has paid – which should result in 100% payment compliance every time. It is also a very user-friendly and contactless solution that ensures parkers are paying for the exact duration their vehicle was parked. Aside from this, gated parking technology also presents an opportunity to add advertisements on the display screens of their parking systems, which can create an additional revenue stream within their facility. 

Gated parking systems offer a variety of benefits that all contribute to a seamless and positive parking experience. It provides peace of mind that your facility is secure, functional, and generating a maximum return on investment. At SecurePark, our cloud-based parking platform integrates seamlessly with third-party technology such as payment meters and entrance/exit gating systems. Our suite of features is also designed to support parking operators in gaining greater access control, promoting better compliance and offering convenient payment mobile options for parkers. To learn more about SecurePark and how we can help your organization, contact us here or call us directly at (844) 363-6273.