Why You Need To Manage Visitor Parking - And How To Do It Properly

July 16, 2020
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Visitor parking is an essential resource for anyone visiting the residents and/or tenants of any building – both residential or commercial. Not having the right systems in place can result in a lot of unwanted frustration for property managers, residents, employees and even visitors. Staying proactive and managing parking effectively is a simple step you can take to promote the proper use of visitor parking resources, minimize administrative issues and ensure a secure parking environment.

There are two primary reasons why effective visitor parking management is important:

  1. It increases compliance and ensures proper use of visitor parking resources

Parking as a resource is limited, which is why specific spaces are allocated to visitors in the first place. Regardless of the purpose of the building or facility, visitors need a place to park and having a well-managed lot for them is essential.

When visitor parking in a particular building is not managed properly, there’s a good chance this space is being used by unauthorized parkers. These could either be residents of the building or non-visitors using the space to go off-property. If parkers know there are no consequences to move in a given spot, they will continue to park there until rules are in place. If your parking lot is located in a high-demand area, abuse of parking resources means that there are fewer visitor spots to go around for legitimate visitors. As a result, there’s a good chance you’ll receive a handful of complaints from residents or tenants in the building until this is resolved.

  1. It upholds the safety and security of your property at all times 

When visitor parking is properly managed, it provides the necessary oversight to ensure the optimal security of the property. It helps to monitor who is parking in your facility, how long they’ve been parked for and their reason for parking there.  

Having access to these insights gives property managers and concierge a better idea of who is on the property and if they are authorized to be there. Not only will you be able to ensure that users are not abusing parking resources, but you’ll have a better grip on the safety and security of your lot. Additionally, keeping record of parking registration and matching visitors with their respective vehicles helps to reduce security threats and gives residents peace of mind knowing that all visitors are accounted for before entering the property. 

SecurePark’s parking management software provides a simple and easy solution to manage visitor parking proactively and effectively. It’s highly adaptable and easily interfaces with all external permit systems, allowing visitors to easily register their vehicles and property managers to monitor authorized visitors. For more information on how SecurePark can help enhance visitor parking management for your organization, contact us today here.