How Cities and Drivers Can Both Benefit From Parking Technology

July 2, 2021
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A parking platform is essential in any growing city and cloud-based parking technology can serve as a support system to both citizens and the city at large. With parking apps and online parking reservations more readily available, operators are able to streamline traffic, while prioritizing the safety of their community and reducing carbon emissions. This eliminates stress, provides peace of mind for drivers and limits the amount of time spent engine idling.

Reduces congestion and improves urban mobility

Over the past year, the use of public transit has slowed and commuters are opting to drive their own vehicles – leading to more traffic and less available parking. Looking for a parking space (“cruising”) can cause an average delay of up to 20 minutes in metropolitan areas. That’s why it’s essential for parking operators to be proactive in reducing congestion that comes from insufficient access to parking resources. Fortunately, the use of a secure parking platform gives drivers the option to pre-book a parking spot and pay from their mobile device, minimizing the need to cruise while maintaining the overall flow of traffic.

Less idling means less carbon emissions

From an environmental standpoint, unnecessary cruising also impacts our carbon footprint because engines are idling longer than needed. A study conducted in a small district in Los Angeles found that within one year, drivers used 730 tons of carbon dioxide and about 178,000 litres of gas in the time spent searching for parking. This small sample size is evidence of the negative impact idling has on the global environment. A cloud-based parking platform gives parking operators the tools to decrease carbon emissions in their community and allows drivers to become part of the solution as well.

The roads are safer when drivers have a set destination

In some cases, parking is difficult for some people as it can induce stress from being in unknown situations. For example, many individuals experience anticipatory car park anxiety when travelling to an unfamiliar location. This leads to rash decision making, nervousness behind the wheel and poses a risk to other cars on the road. Putting a system in place that offers drivers an opportunity to reserve a spot in advance can eliminate aimless driving and any parking troubles. Additionally, parking guidance features can be used to help drivers navigate congested parking lots with more ease.

While large metropolitan areas see an increase in cars on the road, the need for more parking resources continues to grow. From health care facilities to educational institutions, implementing an advanced parking system acts as a major asset for any organization regardless of size. At SecurePark, our suite of cloud-based features helps parking operators simplify their daily parking challenges and be more responsive to the ever changing needs of their industry. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us here or call us directly at (844) 363-6273.