How SecurePark Helps To Address Recent Changes in the Parking Industry

January 7, 2021
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Undoubtedly, last year encouraged parking operators and organizations to revisit their strategies to the evolving industry landscape. As a result of reduced travel, a decrease in street traffic and a change in the way people choose to commute, the parking industry has experienced several shifts over the last year. The need for strategic and innovative planning has become more evident than ever before, especially when it comes to parking.

SecurePark’s suite of software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools are designed to help parking operators adapt to any change, at any time. Currently, we are making it very simple for parking operators to quickly respond to the industry trends and new requirements taking place.

The changes to ride-sharing 

For municipalities and other parking operators, ride-sharing vehicles are needing short term drop off and pick up locations for people and food orders. SecurePark’s digital chalking features allow enforcement personnel to easily determine which vehicles have overstayed the new loading/unloading allowances.

Airport parking operators can use SecurePark to self-register ride-sharing vehicles and provide parking usage data, resulting in improved traffic and more efficient curbside enforcement operations.

The popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) 

EVs have experienced rapid growth over the past decade — a trend parking operators have had to consider. In order to accommodate these vehicles, both parking operators and property managers have had to make room for charging stations and designated spots for these vehicles. 

At SecurePark, our cloud-based tools provide real-time vehicle data to provide better insight of the number of EVs entering and exiting a lot, parking duration and whether they are a long-term or short-term parker. Parking activity data in SecurePark can be used to make informed business decisions related to EV charging stations and other amenities.

Innovative use of parking garages

With many parking garages and facilities witnessing a decrease in traffic over the last year, many operators and organizations are taking a more innovative approach. We are starting to see many parking lots being repurposed for different uses. For example, some shopping centres have decided to repurpose their parking lots into farmers’ markets, while some airports are using their lots to store transportation trucks. 

Instead of leaving parking lots empty and idle, parking operators can take advantage of their land by reimagining the space. SecurePark’s suite of parking tools range from enhanced security and access control to payment integration and visitor management — all of which can support numerous industries and related applications. In addition, our month-to-month subscription model provides the flexibility to add or eliminate features that best serve you and your immediate organizational needs, without the liability of “long term” commitments.

The need for contactless solutions 

Due to the recent pandemic, health and sanitation measures are a high priority for both parkers and enforcement staff. As a way to address this concern, parking operators are changing their parking technology tools to allow both parkers and officers to interact in a way that is safe and convenient.

SecurePark’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) scanning features and contactless payment options provide visitors instant parking access and the ability to make payment in an easy and secure way. Enforcement officers can issue violations with vehicle mounted or handheld LPR tools, while administrators can collect and manage violation payments through SecurePark’s online payment portal. Both tools are contactless and reduce the need for direct interaction with parkers.

If you’re in the process of changing your parking strategy or wish to learn about the benefits SecurePark’s parking management tools provide, contact us here or call us directly at (844)-363-6273.