How Promoting Parking Compliance Can Enhance Enforcement Efficiency

July 15, 2021
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Enforcement is needed to uphold standards in everything we do like purchasing a bus ticket, driving the speed limit and even paying for parking. Enforcement processes, however, can become quite expensive, time consuming and leave room for human error. When it comes to parking, promoting compliance is a great alternative because it encourages and incentivizes good behaviour from parkers, reducing the burden on enforcement officers. Here are some of the ways parking operators and enforcement officers can promote compliance and enhance operational efficiency in return. 

Provide simple and convenient payment options

One of the main reasons why parking compliance rates are so low is because drivers are unsure about payment protocols. For example, if a sign or parking meter isn't located in a convenient spot relative to where the parker is, they will be more inclined to “risk” or “gamble” by not paying. This leads to the issuance of more tickets and creates a negative perception around enforcement and city policies. Providing multiple convenient payment options is a simple measure that increases revenue through compliance, rather than issuing violations. Cloud-based parking platforms like SecurePark allow operators to install various payment options including contactless mobile payment, which is a quick and easy way to increase parking compliance.

Adjust parking fees based on location

Gathering parking data through a cloud-based parking platform allows operators to make informed decisions about how to operate and optimize their parking facility. However, a parking platform is not a one-size-fits-all solution and needs to be tailored to specific municipalities as well as organizations/applications. For example, if there are patterns of poor compliance in low-income environments, parking operators can reassess their prices and adjust to that particular demographic. At SecurePark, our platform collects valuable parking data to track, monitor and evaluate violations and enforcement performance. Having this data readily available and easy to review facilitates determining if adjustments are necessary (e.g., lowering or raising parking fees), thereby increasing compliance and decreasing more expensive enforcement efforts. 

Use enforcement as an educational tool 

Enforcement often gets a bad rap, but people don’t realize that it’s simply a reaction to non-conformists. As smart technology continues to grow and become widely used by parking operators, all parking violation data will begin to aggregate in one place and vehicles with patterns of non-compliance will be flagged. As a result, parkers will quickly learn that it’s more affordable and less frustrating to purchase and comply upfront as opposed to paying violations later on. 

SecurePark’s cloud-based parking platform provides an opportunity to customize your parking strategy to improve compliance through valuable data collection and flexible payment solutions. Our suite of features is also designed to support parking operators in improving operational efficiency by providing insights on parking behaviour and violations. To learn more about how SecurePark can help your organization, contact us here or call us directly at (844)-363-6273.