Version 9 Now Available On the SecurePark Mobile App

June 26, 2020
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We’re excited to announce that Version 9 is now available. This new and improved version of the SecurePark mobile app includes new features and capabilities to simplify the user enforcement experience on a daily basis.  

New features to look out for:

Easily select enforcement locations

Once logged into the app, the nearest enforcement locations will be displayed to the user and they will be prompted to search or select it from a drop-down list. With a refresh button on the right, users can now easily pull down and refresh the page.

Colored status indicators for parking sessions

To keep things organized, the app now includes colored indicators to classify the status of each parking session when users enter or scan a plate number.

Access the new ‘Alert’ tab

Upon issuing a violation, a new ‘Alert’ tab is now visible, which will enable users to see if vehicles are assigned any tow notices.

Violations issuance, but better

The app simplifies the entire process of inputting violations. To improve user workflow, it is now organized in the following sections: vehicle information, location and violation type. Users can also track the overall progress of issuing a violation at the top of their screen. 

Print preview now available

To avoid errors, a print preview feature has been added that allows users to review a violation before printing and ensure all information has been inputted correctly.

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