How Affordable Parking Benefits Both Cities and Drivers

July 19, 2021
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Vehicle ownership is expected to double across the globe in the next 20 years, and as long as cars remain on the road, parking will always be a necessity for cities and organizations. With that, the need for affordable parking becomes top priority. In most cities, commuters typically opt for public transit because driving and parking their own vehicles is too stressful, expensive and inconvenient. While municipalities can’t control rush-hour traffic, they can leverage parking technology and deliver a smart city solution.

Provide better price transparency for parkers

A cloud-based parking platform enables parking operators to process permits and approvals instantly. This allows drivers to know exactly how much they’re required to pay based on the date and duration of their reservation. Having a software that is seamless and effective is invaluable to drivers and organizations because it provides transparency, convenience and allows both parties to budget ahead. Using parking technology, operators can adjust their pricing on an as needed basis while giving parkers a better idea of how much a parking space or permit will be before commiting to the purchase. 

Educate parkers on the benefits of paid parking

Parking can be extremely dangerous if a driver is uncomfortable or anxious behind the wheel, and the added stress of searching for free parking isn’t something cities or operators want to enable. By leveraging parking technology and setting affordable parking prices, operators have the ability to provide a safer and more stress-free parking experience. With features such as access control and visitor management, people can rest assured that they are parking their vehicles in a secured facility that is being monitored at all times. As a parking operator, you can reinforce this benefit to parkers by displaying signage throughout the facility that educates them on the rules, regulations and security standards of the lot – something that free, unmonitored parking facilities cannot offer. 

Collect more data as more vehicles use your facility

Ultimately, parking is a large source of revenue for both cities and organizations. In fact, studies show that an individual parking space on a public street is valued at $20,000 per year. Keeping rates affordable is a key way to ensure that your facility remains full and utilized. If you’re using parking technology, the added benefit is that as more vehicles are inclined to use your lot, you will collect more data, which in turn enables you to optimize rates and operational costs. One of the biggest advantages of parking tech is that it collects and aggregates parking data including plate inventory, enforcement performance and usage and duration.This data helps operators make more informed decisions as it relates to their parking strategy and improving their facility.

At SecurePark, our cloud-based parking platform is designed to address daily parking challenges and improve the parking experience to meet the diverse needs of every industry. Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) parking platform is designed with advanced features such as access control and data and analytics reporting to help operators enhance the safety and accessibility of their parking resources. To learn more about SecurePark, contact us here or call us directly at (844) 363-6273.