Product Feature: Plate Activity and Inventory Features

November 26, 2020
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SecurePark’s SaaS solutions are designed to facilitate more efficient management of parking facilities and operations, all from the convenience of a handheld device. Just recently, we updated our SaaS solutions with advanced plate activity and inventory features. These new features provide value-added analytics that enable parking administrators and enforcement officers to better control parking resources and gain improved insight into the activity of a given parking facility.

Timeline of Plate Activity 

Administrators can now get a history of relevant parking activity on a particular license plate. By simply scanning the plate, officers can see parking duration activity and/or if the vehicle has any previous or outstanding violations.

Performance Analytics

Access user performance metrics to evaluate activity of patrollers in a given location. This new feature collects parking data of vehicles within a particular area and provides better insight on the scans and searches officers are doing on their handheld device. When violations are issued, administrators will also have access to the photos captured from the handheld, fixed and/or vehicle mounted LPR. 

Parking Use and Duration Data

You can now determine how long vehicles are parked in a given location and how often they are scanned. It allows you to easily identify returning vehicles as well as assess parking volumes and duration based on specific days and times.

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