The Growing Popularity of Electric Vehicles and What This Means for Your Parking Facility

May 10, 2021
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By 2050, it’s expected that zero-emission vehicles will make up almost 100% of vehicles on the roads worldwide. As cities across North America continue to plan and develop an infrastructure that supports the use of electric vehicles (EVs), it’s essential for property managers and parking operators to consider what this means for the future of their parking resources. With the help of parking technology, property managers and parking operators can better understand how the shift to EVs will impact their facilities and how they can be more prepared to accommodate these parkers now and into the future.  


Collect valuable data about EV in your facility

A cloud-based parking platform can license plate recognition (LPR) to collect valuable data about the vehicles accessing your facility. Using this feature, parking operators can gather useful information to understand the volume of EVs entering and exiting their lots, how long they stay there and how frequently they return. This can help parking operators properly budget for the integration of EV charging stations and decide on how many stations are needed to service their visitors. Not to mention, operators can also reduce costs by knowing the exact amount of equipment and charging stations that are needed for their facility. 


Gain an additional source of revenue

Many municipalities and government agencies across North America have recently allowed parking operators and property managers to set a fee for parkers to use EV charging stations and services within their facilities. Not only does this help to cover the cost of installing charging stations but it also serves as an additional source of parking revenue for your organization. Using a cloud-based parking platform like SecurePark, operators can enable various payment methods for parkers including contactless mobile payment options. You are also able to track revenue from multiple sources and identify exactly how much of that revenue is coming from their EV charging stations. 


Improve your facility and stand out in your city

When you install EV charging stations on your property, your facility is added to a public network that EV drivers have access to. Parkers are able to view the availability of charging stations in your facility and can easily locate your property from their mobile device. Having EV charging stations on your property can also help your organization gain recognition for environmental stewardship, which can help you stand out from competition as well as foster a more sustainable, cost-conscious parking strategy over the long-term. 


At SecurePark, our parking platform is entirely cloud-based and supports the health of our environment through paperless features and minimal waste. While simplifying daily parking challenges and driving operational efficiencies is at the core of what we do, we are equally focused on helping organizations reduce carbon footprint and respond to the growing popularity of EVs in our cities. 

To learn more about how our parking platform can support your organization, contact us here or call us directly at (844) 363-6273.