3 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Parking Enforcement Tools

July 23, 2020
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As a property owner, parking is likely one of the most important factors when it comes to the overall traffic flow, security and satisfaction of your building. Unless you’ve already put management tasks into place, you’ve probably come across a parking problem at some point. Whether people are parking in the wrong spot, visitors are overstaying their duration or unauthorized vehicles are entering the property, there needs to be some sort of system in place so that you can manage your facility and issue violations both efficiently and effectively. 

Before purchasing a parking enforcement system, it’s important to make sure you know exactly what you need. Here are three things to keep in mind: 

1. Assign responsibility.

Before you begin putting enforcement regulations in place, you’ll want to decide who in your organization will be responsible for managing parking. Whether it be an individual or an entire department of officers, determining who will have access to these systems and who will be responsible for overseeing all enforcement tasks is essential. This will also help you develop a strategy and plan more effectively when it comes to assigning responsibilities and purchasing system devices.

2. Determine the type of enforcement you'll need.

Before purchasing a parking enforcement system, it’s important to ask the following questions: 

Understanding this information will help you determine what features you require, what system you’ll need and how to begin establishing enforcement regulations within your facility. 

3. Determine which parking management system you'll use.

Many organizations don’t want to – and frankly, don’t need to – pay the large, up-front costs associated with parking hardware and software systems. Oftentimes, these expensive solutions are overly complicated, outdated and confusing for users. For most organizations with parking resources, a simple parking management system like SecurePark is an ideal solution that’s easy to use, affordable and reliable. SecurePark includes a host of features such as visitor and violations management, with no hidden costs and no special hardware required. 

For more information on how SecurePark can improve parking in your organization, contact our support team today.