Why a Positive Shopping Experience Begins and Ends with Parking

May 18, 2021
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Part of every positive shopping experience includes easy and convenient parking.  In most cases, it’s the first and last touchpoint every shopper encounters, from accessing the property, finding a spot and making payment to leaving the property. Whether it's a grocery store, a shopping mall or retail shops along a street, parking is a key factor driving people to and in some cases away, from these facilities. With the help of a cloud-based parking platform, operators and property managers can improve the shopping experience by making parking more convenient, accessible and customer-focused to increase store traffic and overall compliance. 

Less bottleneck, better parking guidance

A cloud-based parking platform like SecurePark can provide operators access to valuable parking data such as occupancy, volume and usage analytics. This enables parking guidance in real time,  directing parkers toward vacant spots within their facility without risk of bottleneck. Not only does this help people find parking faster, it also gives parking operators the opportunity to improve traffic flow within the facility and deliver a stress-free shopping experience for parkers, especially during holidays and busy seasons.

Greater accessibility for all parkers and vehicles

Understanding the types of parkers coming in and out of your facility and how you can best accommodate them is the key to any successful parking strategy. With the steady growth of EV vehicles in North America, charging stations have become a major asset in retail spaces. This also applies to adding parking spots near elevators and mall entrances for parkers with accessibility needs. Using license plate recognition (LPR), parking operators can better understand the number of EVs and parkers who require accessible spots in their facility each day. This results in a more efficient use of parking resources based on the specific demographics in your area as well as allocating investments where they are needed most.

Easy payment options for shoppers 

One of the best ways to improve the parking experience and overall parking compliance is through simple and convenient payment options. If shoppers have their hands full with bags, the last thing they want to do is have to locate a parking meter to pay for their parking. A cloud-based platform allows operators to offer parkers mobile payment options that allow them to pay right from their smartphone. This is a sure way to promote better parking compliance, while driving revenue at the same time.

With parking as the first touchpoint of a shopping experience for many people, first impressions count. That’s why it’s incredibly important for both parking operators and property managers to ensure that their parking facility has the necessary systems in place to exceed the expectations for their loyal shoppers. At SecurePark, our platform is designed to do all of the above and more. To learn more about how we can support your organization, contact us at (844) 363-6273.