Why Going Digital Can Achieve Better Parking Compliance

February 12, 2021
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Compliance will always be a top priority for any parking operator and the key to achieving this is making the process as easy as possible for the parker. That’s where parking technology comes in. Going digital with your parking management not only makes enforcement operations more more efficient, but it streamlines the experience for parkers too. Today’s parking software platforms available, like SecurePark, offer advanced features that allow parking operators to improve every touchpoint of the parking experience by eliminating daily parking challenges and in turn, making compliance easier.

Easy, Convenient Payment

Many parkers don’t comply with parking rules because they’re either in a rush with little time, or the payment options available are not convenient and too complicated. Whether it’s making a payment upon entry or paying for a violation notice, simplifying this process for parkers can significantly increase compliance in more ways than one. Parking software like SecurePark easily interfaces with third-party systems, making tap-to-pay with your smartphone possible. 

This incentives and enables parkers to pay on the spot, as we’ve eliminated their need to get out their vehicle and a search for a terminal.

Better Parking Guidance

Reduced stress leads to happy parkers, and happy parkers leads to better compliance. Oftentimes, parkers don’t comply with parking rules as a result of poor parking guidance, traffic congestion and good old road rage. With a digital parking platform, operators can provide real-time parking guidance that clearly directs parkers to the nearest available spot. This minimizes aimlessly driving from parkers, parker frustration and more importantly, it decreases the chances of illegal and/or unauthorized parking. 

Quick Access for Permit Holders 

Many residents, staff members and property owners use parking permits to verify authorized access and reserve designated spots for parkers within a parking facility. However, if there’s no system in place to monitor these permits, it’s likely that there will be parkers failing to comply. Using fixed LPR technology, parking operators can grant access to vehicles quicker, while also patrolling unauthorized vehicles in real time. By delivering a more seamless parking experience, parkers are less likely to abuse parking resources and take up the space that’s meant for authorized customers, residents and employees to use. 

The same way enforcement officers want to minimize steps in their process, the same goes for parkers. At SecurePark, our cloud-based parking management platform is designed to help parking operators achieve optimal compliance and improve the parking experience with our suite of advanced parking features. To learn more about how you can create a better parking experience with parking technology, contact us here or call us directly at (844) 363-6273.