The Latest in Parking News: September 2020

September 28, 2020
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The one thing we can be sure about in the parking industry is that things are always evolving. Given the recent pandemic, businesses across every industry have had to shift their way of operating to keep up with the new rules and regulations. Outside of that, technology is also changing, which means how we enforce and promote parking compliance changes too. Take a closer look at what’s happening in the industry at large and how it may impact parking management in your business and city:

Mall owners renting out parking lots during the coronavirus pandemic

The pandemic has left many businesses searching for innovative solutions to drive revenue during closure. More specifically, retailers across the United States are leasing out large parking lots to host drive-ins and virtual concerts for consumers yearning for outdoor activities. Click here for the full article.

Calgary parks' popularity led to congestion, increase in unsafe parking

Just recently, Calgary Parking Authority reported a 150% increase in parking violations near parks and trails. With most Calgarians limited to outdoor activities, this influx of vehicles has created major congestion and unsafe parking areas blocking emergency access routes. Click here for the full article.

Trailhead Parking Issues Embroil City

With more people spending time outdoors this summer, trailheads in Park City Utah have been overwhelmingly popular. The increase in foot traffic has resulted in such an overflow of parking and spillover into residential areas. After increasing signage didn’t work, Summit County was forced to ramp up parking enforcement restrictions at these busy trailheads to achieve proper compliance. Click here for the full article.