Reducing the Cost of Parking Operations With Smart Technology

June 18, 2021
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From virtual doctor appointments to mobile banking, it’s clear that smart technology has altered the way we go about our daily lives – even when it comes to parking. As major cities continue to grow and commuters search for more convenient ways to get around, it’s important for parking operators to understand the benefit of implementing smart technology into their strategy. In some cases, organizations may be hesitant to take on additional costs; however, utilizing a cloud-based parking platform like SecurePark can lead to more cost savings and a greater return on investment. Here are some of the ways smart technology can reduce the cost of parking operations and drive long-term success in your organization. 

Going digital saves money and increases revenue

In residential and commercial buildings, digital parking permits have become standard practice. Going digital enables parking operators to issue different types of permits through an online platform, which hosts the application, approval and payment process all in one place. Digital permits also eliminate the need for printed access cards and are fully functional without an enforcement officer on-site. Not only is this a convenient option for parkers but it also provides cost savings and revenue growth for operators by reducing their overhead and personnel costs and promoting payment compliance every time. 

Automated systems drive operational efficiency 

Historically, parking management and enforcement systems have been executed manually by a parking patrol team – however, this process has since been automated by smart technology. Notably, License Plate Recognition technology (LPR) has taken the onus off of parking operators and officers with automated capabilities that more accurately gather data, strengthen access control and minimize parking disputes. Through a simple license plate scan, operators can control who is entering and exiting their lot in real time, providing better oversight into how their resources are being used. Not to mention, this feature is highly cost-effective as it requires no large equipment expenses and easily integrates with your existing parking systems. 

Innovative tech supports long-term success

With approximately 85% of North American adults owning and using a smartphone on a daily basis, it’s no secret that we are living in a digital world. That’s why it’s important for parking operators to be responsive to this trend of digitization and pivot toward parking solutions that are both adaptable and flexible. Using parking technology, operators can simplify the enforcement process for officers, offer parkers contactless mobile payment options, and increase overall compliance with a range of cost-effective and automated features. 

As innovation continues to shape our world, it’s essential for parking operators to understand the long-term value that smart technology brings to their bottom line and future success. At SecurePark, we offer a cost-effective monthly subscription model that provides the flexibility to customize your parking strategy with tools that directly address the parking challenges you may be facing. To learn more about how we can help your organization, contact us here or call us directly at (844) 363-6273.